Feature-istic November! November Favorites 2019

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Candleroom‘s Bug Repellant: Terra

Super love the spray container especially having such a squirmy toddler, the little conveniences are a ton of help to me. I like that it’s made from all-natural ingredients and essentials oils and safe for my baby’s sensitive skin.


Candleroom‘s Hand & Air Santiziers: Amihan & Gaia

With the same convenient containers and it’s easy to just spray on some sanitizer on myself and my son’s always dirty hands. I keep this right on our console table when we enter the house after he play some basketball and plays in the garden with soil since he loves to touch anything dirty. It’s also all-natural so it makes me feel secure to use it on his hands since he also still is in his oral phase or maybe just because of the teething.


Screen shot 2019-11-01 at PM 05.07.33

Super yummy treats because mommy deserves it! I always find myself looking forward to my lactation treats everyday and I make it a little treat for myself. Being a stay at home mom can be quite lonely and isolating and you just always need a little something something to keep your spirits up! We moms make it work, we always do! So treat yourself with Mummigo’s milk boosters. They have flavors such as: peanut cookie, oatmeal cookies, and munchies: chocolate, carrot, and banana!

Kapitolyo Kombucha

Screen shot 2019-11-05 at PM 12.32.27I channelled my inner Kylie Jenner and tried drinking these and was always so curious and envious of people from the US having kombucha. It’s the perfect alternative to soda pop and they’re insanely healthy for you too! Kombucha is a probiotic sparkling (fermented) tea. It’s also said to reduce inflammation linked to depression so I feel like that’s a good benefit especially to new moms if you feel like you’re encountering a tad of postpartum depression or stay at home mom depression and isolation. Ah yes, ofcourse our favorite benefit is always weight loss especially if your kombucha is made from green tea. It even stabilizes blood sugar levels and aids in management of diabetes.


Screen shot 2019-11-05 at PM 02.26.13

I love me a good chocolate protein shake. It’s a good way to curb the craving for chocolate in a healthy way. Also since chocolate can mask the taste of veggies (yes, I’m not much of an omnivore, haha!) It’s also one of my go-to breakfasts since I don’t have much time to whip something up for myself especially in the mornings. First off, I’m never fully awake or enough of a morning person to make something (I don’t even cook! Haha!) and second of all, it’s a lot to handle a fully rested toddler – he’s just a ball of energy especially in the mornings! And Promatrix7 just gives me so much energy to be able to get through the day. Also, I found out it’s available in 7eleven branches, super accessible after your work out! 

Rare Food Shop‘s Steak

Screen shot 2019-11-05 at PM 02.34.21Rare Food Shop is an exclusive distributor of Bolzico beef along with only high quality meat and seafood! My husband says this is the best steak he has ever had and I simply must agree. You don’t need to do much to the meat – just salt and pepper, so plain and simple but sooo heavenly. It’s so soft, you don’t need to do much chewing and the marbling of the meat is just superb! They deliver your steaks in a styro box which keeps it fresh when delivered to you. Their steak is truly rare, perfect enjoyed medium rare, and it brings such a rare experience! It’s also an amazing meal for date night at home, especially as they do not have a minimum order, so it’s absolutely perfect for a dinner even with just you two – it doesn’t get better than this meat compared to other meat out there. It’s also a lot cheaper, no need to get a nanny for the baby too! Haha.

Screen shot 2019-11-01 at PM 04.55.38

Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

This is a natural and healthy way to whiten your teeth – you will only have one set of them, anyway! Haha! We have to take care of our teeth and not because it’s white, it means it’s healthy. We have to be wary of scraping and scratching off the enamel of our teeth. Carbon Coco Toothpaste not only whitens, it removes plaque, prevents bad breath, and reduces harmful bacteria growth.


This month’s favorites hits the spot with your spouse, baby-care, self-care, and all things rare. Hope this blog helped you guys discover more things to make life easier and just a whole lot better, we all need a little help sometimes. Any favorites you would like to share?

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15 Ways to Get Your Breastfed Baby to Sleep Through Night (As Early as 6 Months!)

It may seem impossible at the moment and you may hear people saying a breastfed baby can’t sleep through the night. Believe me, I was in your shoes too – Until I did it. My son is 14 months old and I am still exclusively breastfeeding him and he has been sleeping through the night as early as 6 months old. Desperate times call for desperate measures – I really needed a breather and time for myself. And the only time I saw fit was at night after he had gone to bed. I kept doing trial and error of what worked for both of us (yes, you read that right, girlfriend). My son sleeps at 8:30PM and I used to think he should be asleep by 7 or 8 at the latest, but the extra 30 minutes was a big deal for him. He only sleeps for one nap a day and he sometimes takes it at 1PM or 3PM it all depends on his mood (but still always the same bedtime). When he falls asleep at 3PM, ofcourse its harder for him to sleep as early as 7PM and we usually are just having dinner as a family by then. So we moved it to 8:30, it wasn’t too late and it’s a leisurely bedtime routine; I don’t need to rush and we can actually enjoy each other at this time. See what works for you; but this is how I did it.

  1. Transition to 1/2 Naps a Day. Learn the art of stalling naps. You would know if your baby is under the weather and desperately needs a nap. If he is, like my son when he’s teething, I let him sleep it off (as opposed to dealing with the crying – and I just feel so helpless and so bad for him so I just let him sleep it – the pain – off). One nap is ideal in our situation. I think it’s also a good transition since he’s older now and if he goes to school he can adjust easily to that schedule. It’s also best since they’re more tired and craving sleep. He usually had his lunch then bathes and breastfeeds to sleep for his usual first and only nap of the day. When he doesn’t feel well he sleeps at 9 to 10 AM, has lunch, then naps again at 3 to 4 PM. But he still falls asleep at night as scheduled!
  2. Let him burn his energy up in the afternoons – let him go outside, run around and play especially at around 4 PM. That’s usually our time since it isn’t as hot out and he can stay out before sunset just in time for dinner and his night time routine.
  3. Feed him dinner then..
  4. A Bottle of Pumped Milk. My son can drink anywhere between 4 to 8 ounces
  5. …On top of breastfeeding. Why so much? They say breastfed babies don’t get to sleep through the night. And this ensures their little tummies are full for the night – it’s also a factor that breastmilk is easily digested. So don’t worry that they’ll be ‘overly full’ – but ofcourse still do this with precaution and observation. And yes, my son breastfeeds to sleep – don’t judge me.
  6. Bathe him. This is a great way to soothe him and ofcourse makes him feel fresh.
  7. And again yes, make sure he’s fresh and clean – teeth brushed well, etc.
  8. Make sure his nappy is clean and dry – I havent had much luck with cloth diapers on this one. But always check before hopping into bed especially since the little babe will be really full and he won’t fall asleep ofcourse if he made a cake in his nappy! Haha!
  9. Make him feel cozy – cozy and comfortable clothing (not too hot, not too loose), none of those shirts with too many buttons just clean and simple clothing, make sure it’s not an itchy sweater or anything.
  10. If it’s an off-night (overly tired or fussy), give him a massage with some lotion or oil if you prefer, you could also do this every night if you like as part of the routine.
  11. White Noise. I use this a lot in the afternoon and night. It prevents him from suddenly waking because of sounds like doors slamming, talking, laughter, car horns, etc. I actually only use Youtube for this, I downloaded a white noise video that he particularly liked and turn off the wifi on the phone so it wouldn’t have any notifications whatsoever (yes, you can download it on the Youtube app itself, you just renew the download every 30 days – awesome right?). We have been wanting a white noise machine but we found it wasn’t that common here in the Philippines and we just work with what we have. #momhacks
  12. Make sure the room’s temperature is just right – not too cold, not too warm – this also goes with his clothing or layers of clothing. Not too cold even if he has lotion on. My son doesn’t like blankets (better for me since it’s safer) so my trick is after he’s gone to sleep after breastfeeding, I unlatch him and check on his legs if they’re crisp cold or just right. If they’re cold, I ofcourse adjust the temperature. I also sometimes check after 30 minutes if he’s still cold.
  13. Have Your Own Customized Night Time Routine. This is very personal, I think. It all depends on how you want to go about it and you would have to experiment on it for weeks and observe what works best for you and your baby. You could even have a nap time routine so he knows when it’s nap time even if he sees it’s still sunny – it will also help him get used to transitioning to one nap, it will just click one day.
  14. On top of that, have a daily schedule so he would get used to your routine changes. Make him get used to his nap time routine and schedule and also his night time routine. Avoid making any changes until the habit is established.
  15. Dream Feed. My son’s bedtime is at 8:30 PM and usually calls for me at midnight. With his eyes still closed, he breastfeeds for just a little bit about less than 5 minutes and falls back asleep. That’s my call to sleep too most of the time (Yes, we co-sleep, and again please don’t judge me) since when he falls asleep it’s my free time to blog and do stuff I want without a baby pulling on me, haha! But at midnight, I scoot over next to him and sleep.

It’s not easy, but it will click at around a week or so but every kid is different. They say it can take almost a month to stick to a habit so try a 30 day challenge of sticking to a routine. Once your baby gets the hang of it, he will just automatically get sleepy during his scheduled bedtime – atleast that’s what happened with my son.

P.S. His sleep cycle may change especially if you don’t stick to the schedule – even for one day. And you would most probably have to get back to schedule again.

The REAL Story of How my Husband and I Got Married #nofilter

Let’s begin with the suggestion that we get married. We heard this from our parents and we had never really thought it was an option at this point despite being at the prime age to get married, anyway. And then we heard the golden piece of advice we had ever heard and it just clicked: You’re never going to be ready. It is sooo true! As long as you’ve found the person you should be with, and God has revealed it to you, go and get married and make it work. It’s not about the money. It’s very hard to find the person for you and now that you’ve found him, why take longer? Lock that man down! This may differ in various situations especially if you’re reading this and you’re the woman, ofcourse you have to wait for your partner to propose or something. But this is my story – and it’s different in its own way with many twists and turns so keep reading!

One night we were lying on the floor watching a movie and we just suddenly asked each other: Why don’t we get married? That’s where we’re headed and that’s what we want, anyway. Why the wait? This is the best part – we realized and decided this together. It wasn’t some surprise or some fairy tale – it’s real life, adult life, and two adults making a decision. I think this was the most beautiful thing because the man isn’t alone in making this decision, he knows you’re prepared for it and so is he. You’re being honest with each other none of the cutesy kiddy bopper things in romantic comedies. Besides, marriage is no joke, it’s a very big decision – and it’s best to do it together.

My story with my husband was raw and real – and I’m sharing this with you hoping that you would be enlightened from what social media wants your life to be written out. As a man, you wouldn’t be scared she would say no when you propose and that maybe she’s not ready yet. And as a woman, you wouldn’t keep thinking when is he going to propose it’s been so and so years! This is where it all began and we started planning little by little how our wedding was going to be.

But we started from where it should, being engaged. I looked for a peg for my engagement ring. And being that men really have no clue and they end up with that very expensive ring. I, on the other hand, was not going to let that happen. We had a plan and we had minimal budget for everything and we’re still getting started on our savings. I was on instagram and pinterest daily and being so heated about that ‘blood diamond’ thing and having a smaller budget – I told my now husband I wanted a white sapphire instead. It was still a clear stone but there was a certain royalty feel to it being that Princess Diana had a sapphire ring too but in blue. I still wanted to go the traditional route with the clear stone, though. This is my engagement ring.


There are no white sapphires here in the Philippines or at the least its not common. It’s a large stone, I must say. We could have gone smaller but I just wanted to feel like a princess and my husband agreed to that being that it was cheaper than a diamond, anyway. It feels so good to take part in conceptualizing my engagement ring since I would be the one wearing it forever! It’s great to know that it’s my style and exactly what I want: it went with my principles and it’s practical too! I just really wanted to share this too for all the ladies out there – try this out! Actually talk about it with your partner and help him out! He’s probably so clueless!

Our story was not perfect at all. I’ve always wanted a looong engagement. I thought we needed to save first and have a place first and everything else. From the moment we decided, we wanted to get married FOUR YEARS after that. Yep. A little tidbit and full honesty four months into being engaged, I got pregnant. This isn’t the traditional way I wanted it to be but it happened and I am sooo happy with my little bub. But if you’re single right now, or you have a boyfriend, you’re engaged – it doesn’t matter – this doesn’t make it right. Even if you are engaged, you are still not married. I am not here to defend or set an example of my ways, so please bear in mind this is not ideal and I’m just sharing my story. Please make good choices: wait for marriage!

To continue… After about 3-4 months, I found out I was pregnant and after finding out, we got married a month after. What a whirlwind it was! From getting engaged, planning to get married in FOUR YEARS ended up within the next FOUR MONTHS! We are so blessed to have loving parents who sponsored our wedding but then again, as I’ve said, it’s not really ideal. I’m not setting this example for y’all – it was just the circumstances.

I did make the most of it all and soaked it all up. However, I wasn’t able to enjoy each stage which every woman should! YOU should! I didn’t get to fully enjoy being a fiancee’ and enjoy showing off my ring to all my friends, have an engagement party (which we had already planned actually but ended up cancelling). I also wasn’t able to plan a bachelorette party or bridal shower which I always dreamed of and was part of my wedding plans. We weren’t able to have a proper honeymoon because I was pregnant and I couldn’t fly. Or a babymoon! But I must say, now that I am a stay at home mom, I have enjoyed every bit of motherhood. I meant it to be this way because I have a chance to soak this all up and be the mom I always wanted to be and it’s perfect! We make our own happy endings.

Despite everything, the moment I married my husband and we were there before God and all the people that we loved, I knew I was meant to marry him and God knew and knows what he’s doing. We’re lucky to have met each other and have gone this route of our beautiful love story. We got married at the prime of our years and for that we are lucky, we’re still young and we are growing together everyday. We’re ever so blessed.

What’s your love story?

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Momtober Faves: October 2019

It’s momtober so let’s all take care of ourselves with some of these favorites I will list down below! Some treats we should have and we deserve too, guilt-free – none of that ‘#momguilt’!

1. Cleopatra’s Secret Feminine Wash & Feminine Mist

Screen shot 2019-10-04 at PM 05.35.34

Taking care of your vag also means using appropriate cleaning products for it – not just ordinary soap and water or wet wipes when you’re out. You want to sanitize your intimate area without messing with it’s PH and natural state or making it too dry or even darken it (!!!) with all the chemicals. You can opt for the feminine spray and just a tissue and water when out and about instead of your wet wipes that are not meant for your sensitive area at all. The feminine wash has such a surreal feeling down there! You’ll be surprised that the texture isn’t jelly as commercial feminine washes are – and there is an insane difference. I even love the packaging with the foaming bottle. It makes the clean so much easier and the rose water makes you feel like a queen!

2. Cleopatra’s Secret Underarm Detox Mask & Deo Spray

Screen shot 2019-10-04 at PM 05.51.44.png

I have never heard of an underarm mask until I found Cleopatra’s Secret and it totally makes sense that our underarms need a little extra care. They go through so much aside from criticism (haha!), shaving, and use of harmful deodorants and anti-perspirants which also have been found to cause some cases of cancer! With that, I have been desperately looking for a deodorant that isn’t anti-perspirant, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is! Lo and behold, I found Cleopatra’s Secret Deo Spray! It is the most amazing thing, not only is it all natural, which I highly promote; it decreases chicken skin, thins and slows hair growth, on top of all that it lightens the underarms! Can you just imagine all those in one product? And I have never seen a product that slows hair growth – such a big plus especially if you get waxed there! #thriftyhacks My husband and I even shared a bottle and he says it even keeps him smelling fresh (so it’s not only for women)! I honestly think this is the best formula and the best idea coined ever! Ever.

3. Gang’s Pork Humba


I’ve never tried Humba before and I don’t know why I haven’t until now and that’s because of Gang’s Pork Humba. It’s super tender and juicy – I loved the black beans and nuts, it bring such texture. My son ate all the black beans! And to this day my husband craves it and wants more, and I can’t blame him because so do I! I can slice it with a spoon because it’s so soft, simply a must-try!

4. Yummza Hummus


Hummus is one of the healthiest dips that I really wanted my son to try and I’m so happy he loved it! I put it on some toast and sliced them into bite-sized pieces as a snack for him. It’s such a good idea for moms out there who are stuck in a rut of snacks. Plus it’s healthy! You can pair it with carrots, celery, even sweet potatoes instead of chips for a healthier alternative. I’ve even seen some eat it with sliced bell peppers! They have such good service and they sent me a note on how to store it and details about the product. As I’ve mentioned before, I really do like fresh products and I didn’t mind that it expires early since that’s how you know it really is fresh. I loved the red powder on the top that they mentioned was called Sumac, a type of berry from the Middle East – such an authentic touch!

5. MJT Party’s Led Board

I love MJT Party’s led board, it totally inspires me everyday when I see this everyday and especially in my work space. They have tons of decor that you can use for parties and reuse for home! It such a neat idea so you wouldn’t have to waste any of it – unlike decor that only last for that day such as flowers and balloons, what a waste! Led boards such as this, and these super cool led clips that you can hang photos in for decor in your room! So in-trend and it will add something interesting to your bedroom without breaking the bank. You can even use the led board as a make-shift lamp too!

6. Soban K-Town
My husband and I have always been obsessed with Korean food and Soban K-Town has some of the best quality meat in town! The service was divine and on point! They are attentive to your refills on your side dishes and ofcourse they take your photo when you ask, and it is certainly a must in this quaint and cute resto! They serve a couple of side dishes like bean sprouts, peanuts, salad, spinach, kimchi, and etc.

There was a ton included in the set meal such as drinks, egg pancake and korean chicken. I am obsessed with Korean Chicken and this was the exact taste I was looking for – soy garlic and crunchy! There were two highlights to this visit: the beast and the best!

The beast was the set meal for 2; they give super generous servings with good quality meat, definitely good sh*t!

And secondly, the best: the Hanger Steak that will leave your mouth watering. It’s so unbelievably tender, you don’t even need to chew that much at all!

My boy can’t keep his eyes off the food!

Bonus fave! This dress I wore is from My Clothes Line, it’s super high quality – the material on the skin is like you’re not wearing a thing! And I picked this specific dress since it shows some sexy cleavage but also very nursing-friendly! Who knew nursing clothes could be so cute? Well, it only takes a wise mom-shopper if you really get to know what types of clothes are nursing-friendly and get used to spotting them. My Clothes Line has a ton of super cute pieces that are also breastfeeding-friendly! More to come to be featured from them – stay tuned! For the meantime, give them a follow and check out their awesome shop!

And… See you again next month for November’s awesome favorites!

Baby in Davao City! Davao Part III

From Talikud Island, we went back to Kaputian for our stuff and to go to Davao city proper. Red Parrot Inn is really very convenient since it’s near the bus station going back to Davao. And I must say their buses are super nice! They even have a breastfeeding mother seat and charging station! I have to say that their system in Davao is very safe and convenient for travelers. One thing that amazed me the most was the bus also drives into the ferry and dropped us onto the next island to the city. Whereas when we were on our way to Kaputian, we rode a taxi to the wharf and rode the ferry. I guess there was an option also to ride the bus going to Kaputian? Anyway, we were assisted accordingly with our luggage in the trunk of the bus and when we hopped off the bus, our luggage was immediately by the curb. I didn’t even realize they had already taken it out! Simple things like that are a big deal especially when you have a squirmy toddler with you.

Back in Davao City, we stayed in Alu Hotel. It’s very accessible, near restaurants, and the famous Roxas night market where you can everything you would want and need! This night market strip is super safe too, within every section there are police officers to keep everything in order. It’s also fairly near the airport so it’s an easy and fast commute for your flight! Rooms are nonsmoking and very baby-friendly. They have a really nice outdoor lounge or veranda where I took my son for some sunshine and so he can play freely and stretch.

The hotel is also fairly near to Davao City’s best attractions and to top it all off, they offer their own tours so you won’t have to make arrangements. They have their own restaurants for breakfast or dinner or room service too! If you stay in Alu Hotel can have everything done for you just call through your room to book the tour you’ll be brought to and fro all the best sights and head back for a relaxing in-room massage and dinner – Now, how does that sound?

I wore this beach dress since it was so comfortable and wearing long dresses make you feel so pretty! It’s great for date night or wine night with the girls! It’s also sooo amazing to wear this if you’re going on a date by the beach.. So romantic! I got this beach dress from My Clothes Line and I also got a super cute bandeau from their shop! They have such great finds and if you know what you are looking for there are tons of breastfeeding-friendly choices. There are sexy pieces but also fits a large frame like me! If you are XL-sized or maybe you just gave birth and haven’t lost the baby weight, My Clothes Line has amazing finds for us!

We tried their durian charcoal ice cream since you don’t see that everyday! It was such a good treat – the durian is so sweet!

It’s great if you’re on a diet since their food there are often halal or vegetarian. They have chicken everywhere in all shapes in sizes! If you love chicken, you’ll be in heaven! I had the sinful chicken skin! They have chicken siomai, chicken fried dimsum and etc!

We also tried chocolate buchi since it’s also something you don’t normally see in Manila – it’s super chewy and the chocolate was like from tablea! Best when hot! Yum.

I would also like to share a bit about my wonderful bestfriend during our davao trip and her commitment against plastic and sustainable living! She was very mindful that we would be going to the night market and brought her own ecobag to put her fruits in. It made me kind of embarrassed of my ways! When we bought food, she chose to use the small paper plates and toothpicks instead of plastic bags. She even thinks she could have done better since she forgot her tumbler and reusable utensils (spoon, fork, straw!). Another tip is to eat ice cream from a cone instead of a plastic (even paper cup) additional thing to enjoy too!

Before heading on to the airport we had breakfast, included with any stay at Alu Hotel, and I was really pleased with their coffee! I can’t live without it throughout the day and this coffee was super good! Probably it’s their own blend there and in Davao but oh my goodness! And Davao is really famous for their sweet fruits and the watermelon for breakfast was on point – my son was obsessed!

On our flight back, I was and always am on the look out for rows, window seats or two seats available together to ask to be transferred. On our first flight, my bestfriend and I were at the window seat. She willingly gave her window seat for Sven and I so he could see through the window. Although my bestfriend did book the window seat on our flight back there must have been a mix up. Its also probable that it was because this was a smaller plane. Shrug.

Luckily though there was a whole row across us that was completely empty! When everyone was boarded, I immediately called for a stewardess to ask if we could transfer. She checked for availability and true enough, it was empty! We were such lucky ducks! I would suggest to always be on the look out or ask the cabin crew if there are any other rows or seats available such as window seats and two seats free. I would suggest two seats if you have an infant with you since you need the extra room to wriggle and not disturb anyone else as much as you can. A whole row was ofcourse just lucky and rare. I was even able to change my baby’s nappy just at our seats! I don’t even know if thats allowed but I did it anyway haha. Obviously its easier and I wasn’t a bother to anyone, anyway.

Davao was amazing for our little family! It was fairly baby-friendly and if you’re eager for a vacation and looking to bring your baby and toddler – I hope these tips helped! It is completely doable and even easier with a bit of help. Enjoy your off-peak vacations! We all know it’s a good way to go! ‘Til our next baby-friendly travel!

Our room at Alu Hotel!
Breastfeeding everywhere!
Beach Must-Have: Vegan Sunblock!

Baby-Friendly Travels: Kaputian and Talikud Island, Davao Part II

It was fairly easy to get to the inn at Kaputian from the Sasa or Samal wharf since everyone knows exactly where Red Parrot Inn is – not to mention, people in Davao are so nice! Red Parrot Inn is definitely worth traveling to especially as a holiday spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its quaint and quiet and very, very relaxing. As we lay in bed, we were lulled to sleep by the crashing waves – definitely one of my favorite things about this place. We also has a large terrace where we could hang out to chat, drink, and watch the waves crash. Aahhhh, it just hits the spot! Definitely what I needed! There were rattan chairs that definitely completes the vacay vibe, good for photos overlooking the waves! I also loved the whole set up since I had my baby with me. The terrace had a big sliding window where I could see my son sleeping soundly in bed while we all hung out there.

The sand on the beach is so white definitely ‘Kaputian’ (name of the island where this Inn is at). There were steps right from the Inn and into the water! When its low tide, you can walk the beach path to the middle of the sea for a dip. The surroundings are very laid back and it really makes you feel the probinsya feels – it was quiet after midnight and even earlier (but ofcourse we still made noise telling stories and whatnot haha)! We had lights out at 10 since it was just so peaceful and serene, and we needed the rest too! The rooms view the ocean, it’s very cozy and spacious! My son loved it since he could run around even just in the room and even the veranda was safe for him since the railings were covered. The holes in between rails were small, it couldn’t fit his legs or anything it was super safe (but still have adult supervision at all times with a baby that’s just obvious) for him to gaze at the beach which he absolutely loved!

Wearing his cap from Vamos
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They have a water dispenser, so you can just hit it for cold and hot water needs. Its by the beach area so its great to just have some h20 after being under the sun. Their location is on point! There were stores everywhere, and the whole strip of Red Parrot Inn has carenderias with different food such as grilled tuna which Davao is very famous for. We ordered a big tuna belly and panga for 250 pesos each! You can never find that tuna like that in Manila for that price! There was also a shake stand where we had durian shake, also a fruit Davao is known for. The whole area had everything you could need!

The boat from Kaputian to Talikud island is bigger than usual since its not just for island hopping, locals also use it for delivery and etc. Going to and fro islands is so normal to them just like riding the jeepney from city to city so its their actual mode of transportation around same as riding the ferry from Davao city to Kaputian. Since many locals ride the boat and each passenger only pays 30 pesos each, we just chose to pay for the rest so we can leave right away as opposed to waiting for the boat to fill up. We did wait a good 30 minutes though, I think, but we got impatient since it was hot and we were with a squirmy baby.

We paid the remaining amount of only 420 pesos (We also did the same thing going back to Kaputian)! Compared to island hopping trips that you could pay anywhere from 900-1500 pesos! Not bad. Boats have a ‘restroom’ too where you go right into the ocean. But better then nothing, right?

We went to Isla Reta and there was a restaurant there where you also pay for the entrance for day tour in the resort. It’s good to eat in their restaurant since they have cabanas upfront where you can eat with an amazing view by the ocean. It would be a nice spot to drink and chill. It’s free to stay there if you eat there so we kept our things there (even after eating) to enjoy the beach. There were big palm trees too where we lay and played sand with my son. It was such an amazing day for us! The sun didn’t burn and the water was nice – we were able to relax on the sand by the beach. The waves by the shore weren’t too strong and my son was able to enjoy picking up shells. What a great day.

Wow, Davao! Flying with a Breastfeeding Toddler|| Samal: Kaputian and Talicud Island

I got my davao tickets as a birthday gift from my bestfriend (yes, she’s the sweetest! Hi, Rye!) So we decided to make a trip of it – I just had to bring my husband along cause I cant possibly handle my son all on my own on a trip!

Our flight was at 3:15 PM, but we had to beat the Saturday traffic and decided to have lunch at the airport but we were flying in different terminals so I had to handle the little munchkin on my own. I was able to score a small little resto at the airport that has a view of the planes to be boarded. We had the couch to ourselves and I was able to create a little nook for him to stretch and play without worry.


Since I will be flying ‘alone’ (without my husband but with my bestfriend, my husband is on a different flight), I had to wear something comfortable and nursing-friendly. I just wore shorts, my trusty beach sandals, and this nursing top from Pangga Online Shop! It’s super cute and hides my muffin top haha! I have never owned actual nursing clothes and this is really such a breeze to wear! I usually hike my shirt up and my tummy and sideboob is exposed.

But with this top its like a nursing cover in itself, its very loose on the front and you would just have to yank the ‘nursing hole’ toward your nipple and ofcourse open up your nursing bra – your whole body is covered and only the nipple itself is exposed. Its very easy and comfortable to nurse on the plane because no one really notices! My baby hates a nursing cover and would always take it off but with this, there’s nothing needed to cover up, its very discreet. And the top itself is very comfy which is important since moms are always moving around, chasing toddlers, picking up things, etc.

When flying with an infant/toddler, you can’t check in online. You would have to go to the counter to show the infant’s ID. I was particular about this since a lot was going on and I didn’t have an original copy of his birth certificate but I did have a photocopy. I called the airline and they allowed me to bring his passport along with the photocopy of his birth certificate. I also brought supporting documents such as my ID (with my married name), and his baby book (advised to me by the airline). But on the regular, you would just really actually need an original copy of your baby’s birth certificate. And with any concern, it’s best to call the airline themselves instead of relying on google. I also have gotten into the habit of asking them to note my concern on their system. I don’t know if it really does reflect on their system when you check in but so far, I’ve never had any problems when doing this. I also did the same thing when I checked in (frozen) breastmilk on international flights.

I was also assisted by the crew since I only had handcarry luggage. I was in the priority lane and they asked me if I was alone (since my husband wasn’t with me) and they wheeled my handcarry luggage for me and put it on the overhead bin!


An all-time pediatrian’s tip for flying is to nurse your baby on take off but I needed something to hold him over since he was uneasy in the confined space in the seat so he kept wanting to nurse, I fed him some snacks and nursed him for take off – he soon dozed off so I had no problems with his ears popping or anything (that I would know of).

We arrived at Davao City at around 5 in the afternoon and we went straight to Samal Island. We rode a cab to Sasa Wharf to ride the ferry. The ferry was huge! I’ve never gone on a ferry so it was quite an experience! I never thought they would be cemented and I thought it would be this big ‘metal’ boat like I’m used to. It was and felt very safe to bring my baby with me, the pathways were so sturdy it felt like we were still on land. The fare was also surprisingly cheap, it was only 10 pesos per person (and babies below 5 years old can ride for free)!

When you get to the other side, there are usually buses that can bring you to Kaputian. We didn’t know there were still buses when we arrived at 7 PM so we looked for another means to get to Red Parrot Inn where we would be staying. We rode the trike which was spacious enough to fit 4 people with luggage! We haggled with the driver to bring us there for 400 pesos, but since we realized it was kind of a long journey and we felt that he deserved a tip, we gave him 500 pesos. But you can wait for a bus just by the wharf.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we’re off to Kaputian Island!